idyllic /īˈdilik/: like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

most likely the last post on this blog; as i've completely lost inspiration to run this roleplay and i'm sure most of you have, too. it was definitely fun while it lasted, but i'm going to "officially" close this down. thank you to all of you who stuck it out 'til the end.

i haven't been on lately. i'm so sorry. a co-admin application has been posted. thank you all for staying active. 

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Congratulations, Sam! You've been accepted as Brielle McKinney who looks an awful lot like Selena Gomez. You have twenty-four hours to send in your account.

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Anonymous asked: I don't really understand how to use face claims, as silly as that sounds.

that's totally fine, anon! i had no idea what face claims even were when i first started out roleplaying on tumblr. 

face claims are just a base on what your character looks like. you would use them in .gif chats to portray something without describing it, mostly their facial expressions. For example, you could post: 

"Nutella is food for the Gods."


-instead of having to post:

"Nutella is food for the Gods," the fair-skinned boy said aloud contently to no one in particular as he withdrew his hand from the container of Nutella, a biscuit in hand. 

hopefully that wasn't too confusing. if you have any more questions, just shoot me a message off anon.

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the following accounts have deactivated their accounts and are therefore their face claims have been reopened;

charlie scott [ chyler leigh fc ]

charlotte miller [ jayma mays fc ]

lennon winter [ kristen stewart fc ]

lucas bellamy [ evan peters fc ]

the following characters have twenty-four hours to post something before having their role reopened;

zachary slayer


wren orion

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my sincerest apologies for not being on the past day. life's been hectic, but i'm on now, and prepared to answer any questions you have.

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azura-tibble asked: Miss King here

follow claudia!

make sure you track the tags idyllicevent, idyllicfollow, idyllicnotice, idyllicstarter, and idyllictask.

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Congratulations, Victoria! You've been accepted as Claudia King who looks an awful lot like Kaya Scodelario. You have twenty-four hours to send in your account.

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i'll be on the main whilst preparing the bio graphics and the next task. send in your apps and questions.


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application count updated! [ 001 ]

we'll be accepting once we get one more male app.
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